About Us

Mission Statement

INTERBUILD's ultimate goal is to provide superior and unique interior design and construction services to its customers — fulfilling their vision of the perfect environment

INTERBUILD believes a successful design creates the right environment to optimize the aesthetics of the space and convey the unique taste and emotions of the customer. Once we have conducted our research and analysis of the retail or living space, we present our clients with 3D conceptual plans in order to gage the direction. We work through several versions until we have a clear picture of how the ideal environment should look and feel based on the expectations and vision of the customer.

INTERBUILD believes fully in the ethic of quality. We are ISO 9001-2000 certified and use Six Sigma methodology to continuously improve our processes.

What make interbuild so unique?

Our Capabilities

Strategically located in Bangkok, Thailand, INTERBUILD's fully-integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities can take original ideas through the 3D design and/or virtual reproduction process and then all the way to construction, fitting and delivery of the final product.

Whether working in design or production, our highly-skilled team members are individually certified by the Royal Thai Government's Department of Skill Improvement and use the most advanced computer technology and most precise standardized tools and equipment.

Our International Experience

Our growing international client list provides strong proof of INTERBUILD’s ability to do world-class work. Our resume includes high-quality projects completed in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai and the US. Whether in developing or developed markets, INTERBUILD always puts its clients at the cutting edge.

Example modular exhibitions stands

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

At INTERBUILD, we are continuously refining the way our modular system can be used. Whether we’re creating conceptual ideas to inspire or accessories to enhance your creative freedom. REALLY NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO SAY HERE. CAN YOU REWRITE?

Our Support

Part of the renowned Synergia One (http://www.synergiaone.com) group of companies, INTERBUILD has strong backing from the group to bring the highest quality and expertise to its customers. As part of Synergia One, INTERBUILD has designed dozens of stores for fast-food and restaurant-brand success stories like Coffee World, New York 5th Av. Deli, The Cream & Fudge Factory, Conizza, The Donut Baker, Pizza Corner, Golden Pretzel, Juisomania, and Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen.

Our Style

Our expert designers have the hard-to-find ability to perfectly get contemporary tastes for relaxing and functionally aesthetic interior designs and architectural elements. Once the design is finalized, then we’ll build everything. And we mean everything! That includes furniture, flooring, fixtures, fittings … every detail!